7. November

I was the most excited I’d ever been on a shopping trip. I didn’t even mind so much that there were lots of people and the lights were too bright and all the noise and pushing and shoving and moving and rushing, because Granpy had finally seen a ghost. That meant So Many things. It meant that I wasn’t the only one in the whole world who could see them. It meant that they were really real and I wasn’t crazy. It meant that I wasn’t just looking for attention. It meant that me and Granpy could talk about ghosts together and he wouldn’t have that smile on his face like I was just telling him a story I made up.

I wondered why he could see the ghost on the sidewalk. Did something happen? Could he see all the ghosts now, or just that one? Is it something that starts slowly, or does it happen all at once? Before that day, I had never even wondered why only I could see the ghosts. That’s just the way it always was. But now everything would be different. If it was possible for Granpy to see them, then it must be possible for other people to see them, too. We just had to figure out what happened and how to make it happen to other people. Granpy could help, because he’s a scientist. I know he studies the Building Blocks Of Life, and ghosts aren’t alive, but people also say that the ghosts Live in the haunted house, and I hear people talk about Life After Death all the time, so who knows? Maybe Granpy and me could study the chemistry of ghosts together. And then we could both talk about ghosts and about chemistry, and both of us would understand.

Granpy smiled at me when we were going into the department store and said, “What’s got you so excited, Princess?”

I grinned at him and told him, “Today is a good day.” I decided that we should wait to talk about it until we got home, because there were lots of people around us, and they wouldn’t understand, and I didn’t want Granpy to have to talk to the specialist too.


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