10. November

There are times when telling the truth is not the best thing to do. The problem is, you can never know which times those are until they are already over, and then it is Too Late to lie.

The one person I never ever would lie to is Granpy. We have a deal that we never ever lie to each other. We are allowed to say I Don’t Want To Answer but we are not allowed to lie. This is an easy deal for me to keep because I don’t really know how to lie. I mean, I know what lying is. It’s when you say something that isn’t true. And if I want to, I can lie. I can say, I am a boy, or I don’t like spaghetti, and those would be lies. But if someone asks me, Are you a boy? of course I will say No. That’s the answer to the question. And if someone asks me, Do you like spaghetti? I will say Yes. There’s no reason to lie about things like that.

Maybe there could be a reason to lie about these things. Maybe some evil aliens came to earth and decided to kill all the girls, but they don’t know what girls and boys look like, so they just ask everyone, Are you a boy? And then there is a reason to lie, because if you say no, they will kill you. But maybe the aliens look exactly like humans, and maybe it’s a secret that they want to kill all the girls, so you don’t know there’s a reason to lie. And then you tell the truth, and then they say they’re going to kill you because you’re a girl, and now you know that you should have lied, but it’s Too Late now.

That’s what happened when I first told people about the ghosts. I didn’t know that bad things would happen if I told the truth about them. But I found out what happens when you tell people the truth about ghosts, and I learned that when someone asks “do you see ghosts?” you have to lie. The only person I never lied to about the ghosts was Granpy, because of our deal, and because he never called the specialist and made me get Evaluated. He never said I was Just looking for attention or that I was crazy. He just smiled and said it’s a sign of a Healthy Mind to have Imaginary Friends, and I told him that they weren’t Imaginary at all, and he smiled and said Whatever You Say, Princess.

But this time it was different. Since we saw the ghost on the sidewalk, who was maybe just a Homeless man, Granpy didn’t talk about Imaginary Friends anymore. And he didn’t smile and say Whatever You Say, Princess. His Line didn’t go away, and Granmy watched both of us with her Line, too, and she didn’t say anything. And that was the scariest thing that ever happened, because maybe it meant I would have to lie to Granpy, and that would mean breaking our deal, and if I couldn’t keep our deal, I didn’t know what to do.


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