NaNoWriMo Update: 20. November

Sorry this one’s a little late, everyone! I forgot to post it before I went to bed last night, for reasons which may or may not be related to the consumption of ethanol. Today’s update will be up later tonight.

Normally, I don’t scream. I don’t even really know how. I don’t like the loud noise. And I hate it when other people scream, and Granmy always taught me that I should Treat Others How I Want To Be Treated, so I don’t scream. The loudest sound I ever make is when everything gets to be really Too Much and I need to be Left Alone, but someone won’t leave me alone, and I Can’t Help It and I yell at them to stop. But that almost never happens. I definitely don’t scream.

But this time, this one time in my whole life, I screamed, and Granpy and Ms. Fess didn’t look at me. They didn’t even jump like I always do when someone screams. They didn’t even blink. Granpy sipped his tea.

I looked at the old man, still sitting in my spot on the couch. He still didn’t look at me, but under his hat I could see that he was smiling. His eyes looked like he was laughing.

Another thing I never do is touch other people when I don’t have to, except for Granpy. I hug Granpy at least once every day. But other people, I don’t touch. Partly because of what Granmy taught me about Treating Others How I Want To Be Treated, because I don’t like it when people touch me. Partly because sometimes people want you to touch them and sometimes they don’t, and if I make a mistake and touch them when they don’t want me to, they get angry. It’s another kind of misunderstanding. But people almost never get angry when you don’t touch them. So I don’t touch people.

I reached out to touch the old man. I was upset. When you’re upset, it’s normal to do things you don’t normally do. That’s another thing Granmy and Granpy both taught me.

My hand went right through him. He was still a ghost, and I still wasn’t a ghost. At least, I was pretty sure I wasn’t a ghost. Can ghosts touch each other? I wondered that and I realized I wasn’t sure.


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