Quantum Imagination

A snippet of a story idea I’ve been kicking around. I’ll post more of this eventually.

For the longest time, no one talked about it. No one wanted to be the first to admit they were seeing fictional characters and imaginary friends all over the place. In hindsight, it was somewhat unbelievable, every human being on the planet simultaneously assuming they had gone insane and desperately trying to hide that fact. My new Vulcan friend called it “highly illogical,” though we debated it at length that first night.

He rambled on and on for most of the day, this man that only I could see, talking to someone who even I couldn’t see about how he appeared to be invisible to the inhabitants of the planet. It wasn’t until I was alone with him that I finally engaged him in conversation for the first time. That’s when the pointy-eared bastard called me “illogical” for the first time. He tried to suggest that either I was crazy, in which case I should tell someone and get help lest a become a danger to myself or others, or it was actually happening, in which case it was an unexplained phenomenon that required careful analysis in order to understand it.

It was two weeks before I finally told my friend Laura.


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