Quantum Imagination: News Article Fragment

Researchers at the Horton Institute of the Unexplained have been looking into the phenomenon since the Institute opened two months ago. The Institute was proposed by President Victoria Blackwood at the height of the media frenzy over the so-called “Imaginary Friend Invasion” and was immediately funded with a federal grant following a famously chaotic emergency vote in the House of Representatives.

According to reports from the Horton Institute, the prevailing theory on the source of the Invasion is related to the “many worlds” theory of quantum mechanics, which posits the existence of a practically infinite number of parallel dimensions. According to the theory, it may be possible for nearly any being we can imagine to actually exist in another dimension. Why these beings are suddenly invading our dimension is, as yet, unexplained.

In a recent interview, senior researcher Dr. Peter Horik suggested that the phenomenon be renamed, as the beings each individual has come into contact with are clearly not imaginary. It is his belief that they do actually exist, though for unknown reasons, each is visible to only one person. He also suggests that this is not an invasion at all, but rather the result of an “unexplained interdimensional phenomenon.” When asked for an alternative name, he recommended “Quantum Companionship Event.”

Dr. Horik declined to provide any details on his personal companion.


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