Frosty: Inspection

The others stood well back as Tad examined the completed golem. Anne chewed a tiny scrap of fingernail that somehow had escaped her previous nervous grazings while James rocked back and forth on his feet. Susannah and Mary tried their best to look unimpressed while Sam, his eyes slightly glazed, focused his attention on making a secret snowball behind his back.

Tad closely inspected the snowman’s body. It didn’t look anything like Westley, really, but it was about the right size, half a head taller than him. They had kept the traditional coal-lump eyes and button nose, but on Tad’s insistence, the others had sculpted him a mouth with their frozen fingertips while he scoured the nearby forest for appropriate branches for the arms. A line of coal lumps would never do for a mouth. How would he open and close it?

Satisfied at last, Tad gave the sign to dress the golem. He figured his brother deserved a little dignity, at least, but they didn’t have a lot of clothing to spare. After an hour of “scavenging,” James had come up with a tattered scarf and a half-broken pipe. It would have to do. Dressed in this scraps, the snowman actually looked rather dignified.

“All right, then.” Tad nodded decisively and readied the hat. “He’s as ready as he’ll ever be.” Everyone held their breath as he raised it up towards his brother’s new head.


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