Wait For It… Part 2

Should she use the jelly? Should she eat it? Or should she avoid it? The decision was probably very important. After all, it had probably been the focus of the whole dream. But she couldn’t remember whether apples (or pears, or plums?) were good or bad.

Beth hesitated for a long moment before finally deciding to risk it. After all, Mark had eaten it, and he appeared to still be alive.

Unless he had poisoned it. Could it be that he secretly hated her? She paused again with her hand reaching halfway across the table toward the jar. Was her husband trying to kill her? Was that what the dream had been trying to tell her?

It didn’t seem likely. Then again, nothing he ever did made any sense to her. She was having trouble remembering why she had even married him. What kind of person got up at the crack of dawn to go running in the cold?

Suddenly, she realized the sound of dishes being scrubbed in the sink had ceased. It was silent in the room. She risked a sideways glance. Mark was still standing by the sink, staring at her with an odd look in his eyes. Immediately convinced that something was amiss, she leaped up from the chair and turned to face him.

“What are you looking at?” she demanded, curious to see how he would get himself out of this. He was caught. She was sure of it. And she never even would have suspected if it hadn’t been for the dream.

But now the suspicious look on his face seemed to morph into genuine concern. “You were sitting there for a long time with your arm stretched out, hon. Are you feeling alright?”

Beth wiped another piece of gunk out of her eye as she considered his response. Maybe she was being a little paranoid. She was still feeling sleepy. Maybe her husband hadn’t secretly been trying to kill her.

Nevertheless, she decided to eat her toast without any jelly on it, just in case. She still couldn’t shake the feeling that something terribly important was about to happen, and she wasn’t about to take any unnecessary risks.

When she was finally showered, dressed, and ready to head to work, she paused at the door. Her heart skipped a beat. Any moment now, she thought. It’s about to happen. The mists of destiny swirled around her as she opened the door and stepped outside.


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