Spider Diaries

Day 1
There is something wrong with the weather here. Ever since I arrived in the warm-dry, the wind has vanished, but the sun has gone insane. It dims, shows every sign of being ready to sleep, then suddenly, without warning, it returns to full brightness. What’s worse, after some hours, it simply vanishes. No sunset, no gradual change. The first time it happened, I thought the sun had died, but several minutes later, it returned again. It comes and goes erratically now, and only rarely does the change happen slowly. Is this the price of escaping the wind and cold?

Day 2
My web is destroyed. It seems the warm-dry is not devoid of the mysterious great beasts that have always plagued my people. There was a terrible sound, a strange wind that seemed to move backwards, and my web flew to pieces. I just barely managed to fall away and escape across the ground. The ground is no place for a spider, especially here. The grass is too short, too dense, and the wrong color. It is impossible to hide, difficult to even walk. I have hidden myself in a small space, and hope that I will escape detection by the great beast until I can find a new place for my web.

Day 3
The trees here are different from any I’ve ever seen. They are smooth and pale. They go on for great distances before bending into that perfect corner shape I’ve so rarely seen on normal trees. This place could be a paradise for my people! Where I am now, the tree is so smooth I have trouble gripping it, but my silk still clings to it, and my web is ready. The sun comes rarely here, and not for long, but there is food to be had.

Day 4
Disaster! The weather is even more broken than I’d feared. The rain comes up from below, in full light of the sun! It came without warning. I slipped down the smooth tree and plunged into a pool of swirling water that had previously not existed. But fortune has favored me, and I was able to catch two of my legs on a dry patch and hold on until the storm passed. The sun has gone again, and with it the rain. It is time to search for a new home again.


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