Toby and the Map

Toby had wandered into the village by mistake after getting lost in the woods while hiking with some friends who were rather overconfident about their map-reading abilities. They had insisted that their destination was just around the next corner, and in their overzealousness they rushed around it a little too quickly, realizing only when they were about half a second from the bottom of the ravine that maybe they had, in fact, taken a wrong turn somewhere.

Toby’s map-reading skills were excellent, and he had tried to stop his friends, but his role in the social hierarchy was not such that he would have been listened to. He filled a very important role in their circle: that of the slightly odd one who is considerably more intelligent than the others and whom everyone else excludes and makes fun of in the name of raising the self-esteem of the rest of the group.

Toby would have had no trouble whatsoever finding his way back home on his own, but unfortunately his friends had taken the map with them down into the ravine. He considered going down after it, but it was a long way to the bottom, he didn’t see an easy path, and anyway, the map was most likely both ripped to useless shreds and soaking wet with blood, so he decided to try to find his own way.


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