It all started with a brick.

The brick’s name was Pat and it could not have told you who had made it or why. It was a very pragmatic brick. Questions which could not be answered with any degree of certainty were not worth considering.

Pat resided within a wall along with several hundred other bricks. The people passing by the wall would have called them “identical,” but that’s only because they weren’t looking closely enough. Anyone who spent any amount of time with this group of bricks would quickly learn to distinguish between them. No two had quite the same pattern of irregularities, cracks, dents, scuff marks, moss, and insect life.

Fortunately for the bricks, no one paid them much attention. On the rare occasion that anyone would spend even the slightest amount of energy speaking about them, they would inevitably use slurs like “inanimate” and “object.” But the bricks didn’t mind. They wanted as little attention paid them as possible. Because Pat had a plan, and the others were eager to carry it out.


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