Edward the Efficient vs. the Demotivator

The moment Edward stepped into the office building he found himself faced with a saving throw vs. Sexual Frustration. It was the first inevitable challenge of each working day as he was forced to pass Axel, the unreasonably handsome young receptionist, on his way to the elevator. He’d been meaning to grind up a level or two so he could increase his willpower score, but with his big report being due in less than a week, he never managed to find the time. He made a mental note to prioritize that side-quest to get the janitor’s keys to the maintenance elevator so he could skip the trip past Axel altogether, but even as he did so, he knew he’d never get around to it.

Sometimes he wondered if it might be easier to just ask him out, but the mere thought of all the complications that might arise from a failed attempt made him shudder. At least his cowardly imagination had distracted him from his crush long enough to get inside the elevator. He breathed a sigh of relief as the doors closed. He was alone this time. No need to make that roll against Social Anxiety.

During the ninety-seven seconds it took to get up to the sixth floor and walk to his desk, Edward made a mental tally of the tasks he had to complete that day. Finishing the report would boost him up to the next level and give him a few extra points to play around with, but if he budgeted his time carefully over the next few days, he could finish the report and complete a few side quests for extra experience (and hopefully some useful loot). He decided to grind Filing for the first hour, just to get his Organization skill up another point or two, and was in the middle of weighing the pros and cons of scheduling a bathroom break when he arrived at his cubicle.

He stopped dead in his tracks. It can’t be, he thought. I left it right next to the keyboard. His eyes scanned the desk, desperately searching for a nook or cranny it could have gotten lodged in, a stack of papers it might have been buried under. But the desk was immaculate. There was nowhere for it to hide.

His enchanted stress toy of +3 Concentration was gone.


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