Mindy carefully positioned the mouse over the correct pixel and right-clicked to place the chair. It wasn’t just any chair, of course. It was a unique drop from the boss monster on planet Axifious IX, which had taken her nearly 36 minutes to beat on her last solo run.

Satisfied with the chair’s placement, she noticed a grumbling noise coming from her midsection and groped around behind her until her hand located a bag of chips with a few pieces left in the bottom. She was careful to wipe the residue on her pants before touching her mouse again. The last thing she wanted was to get the expensive piece of gaming equipment greasy.

She spent the next ten minutes meticulously sorting her recently-acquired loot into the various chests, barrels, and shelves that comprised her house’s organizational system.

An unexpected beam of light sneaked between the curtains and stabbed her in the eyes. She leaned back at an awkward angle for a few minutes so she could see the screen while she assessed the condition of her house and settled on a new quest target. Soon, her house would be perfect.


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