Visa Quest (Epilogue)

It’s funny what exhaustion and heat can do to the logic circuits in your brain. For example, you can spend fifteen minutes standing in direct sunlight on a 38° (C) day waiting for a tram when there’s a perfectly good metro station ten meters away that will take you to the same destination in refreshing coolness.

But whenever you finally figure out how to get from point A to point B, the highlight of the end of a day like this is to go to the trade office, show the clerk your newly-acquired visa, request that she print your new business license, and try not to giggle deliriously as she compliments your Czech skills, because she would probably totally misinterpret that, not being aware of your current mental state or the reasons therefore.

Naturally, you have to work the next morning, so you fight the desperate pressure to sleep in order to get in some much-needed video game time before laughing yourself to sleep, secure for the first time in twelve months that you cannot be deported. Again.


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