Pavel opened the refrigerator and stood for several minutes, staring at its contents without seeing them. His thoughts were occupied with reviewing all the things he’d accomplished that day. He’d woken up early and gotten some work done instead of playing computer games. He’d finally got himself out of the house and gone for a run. He’d bumped into a few friends and gone to the pub for a few drinks instead of making an excuse and staying home to play video games. He’d even done the dishes which had been sitting in the sink for days.

The fridge was full of fresh vegetables, a hundred possible healthy meals just a few steps away from being prepared. He felt the exhaustion in his muscles, closed the door, and instead pulled from the cupboard some ready-made tuna salad (packed full of salt and preservatives), popped the top off, and started eating it straight out of the can. When it was finished, he tossed the can in the sink and grabbed a bag of potato chips for dessert.

He didn’t have to do everything healthy in one day.


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