The Skinner Box (Part 2: Achievements)

Her finger was getting tired, and despite her desire to beat her friends’ high scores, she was starting to question whether pushing the button was worth it anymore.

Just a few more minutes, and she’d reach 10,000 presses. Surely, there would be some kind of reward for that, and then she’d feel satisfied and finally walk away. After all, she had to eat and sleep eventually. She couldn’t do this all night, and the sun was starting to set.

At last she hit 10,000, and looked at the screen for her final reward for the evening. But instead of a simple message, she found something different.

Achievement Unlocked: Novice Presser

Novice? What a bunch of nonsense. She’d been pressing the button for hours. She had a higher score than almost anyone else around. She was hardly a novice. Anyway, what did an “achievement” matter at this point? She was exhausted.

She turned to walk away from the box, but was startled by a “ding” sound that made her turn back around.

Total Achievement Progress: 1/92

She felt the itch to go for one more, but she fought it off. Enough was enough. It was time to go home. She took a few more steps away, until she heard another sound. She turned once more, unable to overcome her curiosity. There, above the row of boxes with buttons in them, was a large digital screen she hadn’t noticed before. And right in the middle, in extra-large, flashing letters, was her name, followed by the text:

Total Progress: 1%

It was right there for everyone to see. She looked nervously from side to side and saw several of the more experienced players snickering and pointing at her name.

This would not stand. She took a deep breath, shook out her sore arm, and steeled herself for a very long night.


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