Eating Out

James was having a very rough day. Some idiot had gotten in front of him on the way to work and driven slowly the whole way, making him late for the weekly meeting. Another idiot had finished off the coffee at work and not put a new pot on. His boss was on his ass to finish the current project by the end of the week, but the worthless peons working under him were too lazy and slow and stupid to do their jobs properly. And who would have to face the consequences if they didn’t come through? He would.

He tried to put it out of his mind as he looked over the menu. He was starving, but the waitress was taking forever to get around to taking his order. On top of everything else, his wife was blabbing on about some boring nonsense that had happened in her office that day, and he knew that later on he would catch hell from her for failing to remember some random detail or other from the story.


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