Another Disappointing Evening

Claudia resisted the urge to drum her fingers on the table. James always hated that. He seemed to hate a lot of things these days.

She had spent the entire day doing housework and running errands. She had cleaned the entire house, done the laundry, gone to the supermarket, and somehow managed to find the time to go get her hair done so that she could surprise him. That’s what her therapist had suggested: try to be spontaneous. She had said that it would “shake things up” and introduce some new elements to a marriage that had grown stale over the years.

The only thing that had grown stale was James. His obsession with work had become monotonous. Their love life was basically nonexistent. And it wasn’t even like he was earning enough money to make the whole situation worthwhile.

For the past few minutes, Claudia had been making one last futile attempt at connecting with her husband. She remembered a time when he would be enthralled by the little details of her day-to-day life. These days he hardly bothered to acknowledge that she was speaking at all.

Fortunately, the waitress came over to give her phony little speech and fake little smile, and brought their suffering to a temporary end.


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